Säck & Nolde: 26 years and runnin’

A shared vision

Born through a passion for what was then not yet called ‘streetwear’, Manfred Säck and Klaus Nolde started their business 26 years ago in the attic of a single-family house in Bochum.
In times without the internet their only possibility to get in touch with US street fashion was a personal trip to the US in 1992.
Guided by information found in magazines they stumbled upon the iconic OG Gorilla logo of XLarge.
With XLarge being an LA brand deeply rooted in the Beastie Boys / Grand Royal / L.A. cosmos, the foundation for Säck & Nolde’s affection towards West Coast brands was laid.

Becoming a cornerstone in Streetwear culture

After returning to their hometown they started selling XLarge to local shops and then naturally the idea came to open the first German XLarge Chapter Store in Cologne which doors opened in February 1996. Since its start Säck & Nolde had a steady evolution and has been a driving force in European street culture by bringing brands like Amos, Silas, Phillies and XLarge to this part of the world.
In later years they refined this scene by increasing their portfolio with brands like Undefeated, Alife, Odd Future and of course Stüssy.

What now?

Now being 26 years old, Säck & Nolde is far from slowing down and recently expanded its business from being a distribution company to launching their online shop Sehr Goods General Supply Store and by opening up the Stüssy Amsterdam Chapter Store.