SÄCK & NOLDE was founded by Manfred Säck & Klaus Nolde in Germany
in 1992. The company is located centrally in Bochum right in the heart of
the “Ruhrgebiet“, an excellent distribution hub within Europe.
In the early 90’s the company set its focus primarily on suppliers from
the USA. Brands like X-Large (Mike D. from the Beastie Boys was one
of the original partners) and Phillies Cigars (popular from the movie “KIDS“)
helped to open up retailers in Germany and bordering countries.
Over the years the brand and customer portfolio of the company has
constantly developed and its distribution territory has expanded.
SÄCK & NOLDE has permanently established itself as a premium
distributor in a global network.


SÄCK & NOLDE represents a trustful, reliable and honest business partner
who holds on to its roots of establishing products and strengthening
relationships at its best.

Customer Range

Independent Retailers, Boutiques, Department Stores, Multibrand Stores,
APR’s & AR’s, Chain Stores, Museum Shops, Book Stores, Convenience Stores,
Smoke Shops, Online Retailers

Distribution Channels

Fashion, Lifestyle, Boardsport, Luxury, Tech, Travel, Consumer Electronic,
Design, Home Interior, Footwear, Kids, Toys, Stationary, Tobacco, Smoke

Distribution Territory